Greek Wedding Videos in MiamiGreek Wedding Videos in Miami

The Greek Orthodox Wedding has long been one of the most sacred of Wedding ceremonies. With so much symbolism & unique rituals, these weddings have long been vastly different from the traditional wedding experience. Your Broadway team will enjoy & highlight each portion of your unique day on your Broadway wedding film.


As the two of you walk through the unique aspects of the Service of Betrothal, the Ceremony of the Sacrament of Marriage, the Crowning, the Common Cup, the Ceremonial Walk, & finally the removal of the Crowns, you’ll be consumed with the details during your rituals. As Broadway captures each of these momentous & special moments, you’ll hardly notice us as discretion is a top priority for our team.

When it’s time to celebrate with the many family & friends who have joined, your reception will be the

pinnacle of the Greek Orthodox experience. With such fabulous food & dancing, your party will be unforgettable. Broadway will make sure that each & every event of your day is captured, creatively enhanced, & ready for a lifetime of memories in your action packed DVD.

Years down the road, you’ll be so thankful to have your Greek Wedding Video produced by Broadway Video for generations to come.

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