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Indian Wedding films in Miami

Indian Wedding films in MiamiIndian Wedding films in Miami

Cultural weddings are always special & unique, & here at Broadway, we thoroughly enjoy capturing the spiritual richness of Indian weddings. These memorable events often span out over the course of several days, & we are always ready to be there during each & every step of the journey through to the Wedding Day & beyond.

With so many deeply rooted & interesting traditions, Indian weddings are captured & preserved most carefully by Broadway. From those pre-ceremony events such as the Menhdi & Sangeet, to such other family rich traditions as coins & gift ceremonies, we recognize that each of of these traditions is a sacred step on the path to these wonderful families uniting.

Expect no less than excellence. Broadway is ready for you & there with you every step in your journey.

Indian Wedding films in Miami

Indian people are stern believers of religion and ancient practices. As a result, Hindu marriages in India include a number of rituals and customs. These are age old practices, which form the foundation of our society and are therefore followed by generation over generation, owing to the deep faith. Wedding is undoubtedly the most important event in one’s lifetime and is thus solemnized with utmost sanctity. Hindus believe that once married the couple is bound with each other for seven birth cycles. Such is the depth and intensity of their faith in the institution of marriage. This is attributed by the various rituals they observe.

Painting Party

Mehndi night usually happens two or three days before an Indian wedding ceremony. During this ritual, an artist uses henna to draw on the skin of female friends and family members. They also paint the bride’s hands and feet to protect them from evil. The deeper the color, the more good luck the couple will have. Typically, the designs last a couple of weeks.

All Tied Up

Another Hindu ritual, the hasthagranthi, involves tying the couple’s hands together with string so they literally “tie the knot.” This act is followed by Shakhohar, when the parents place their hands on the couple’s to represent their union as a family. Then the couple is wrapped together in a scarf to show their unity as husband and wife in a custom called gathbandhan.

Years down the road, you’ll be so thankful to have your Indian Wedding Video produced by Broadway Video for generations to come.

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