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Jewish Wedding Films Miami

Jewish Wedding Films MiamiJewish Wedding Films Miami

You’ve dreamt of this moment your entire life. The moment you will walk down the aisle to your Chuppah at sunset, & marry the man of your dreams. At Broadway, we take pride in preserving those intricate details for you. Each moment will be documented with a quiet eye on your day, as you walk through a day of Jewish tradition with your loved ones.

There is much anticipation in the air during your prenuptials, & at Broadway, we encourage you to have fun during this memorable time. We’ll be there to quietly capture everything, from Dad seeing you in your dress for the first time, to happy tears & hugs with your bridal party. Every moment enhanced beautifully & preserved for generations to come on your DVD.

Jewish Wedding Films Miami

Next we move on to your “first look”. The anticipation heightens as you walk toward your Groom to see each other for the first time on this magical day. At last, he turns around, his eyes well up with tears, & the two of you enjoy those precious moments leading up to your Chuppah ceremony.

A few family photos, & we’re off to sign your Ketubah. Such a joyous time this is, with the bringing together of two families, all gathered around you in love & support as you sign your first official marriage document together. At Broadway, on your DVD you’ll have the joy of watching this engaging time all over again, all while listening to the wonderful traditional Jewish background music being played as you watch the two of you entering into your first duty as husband & wife.

It’s time for the Chuppah ceremony, & as is traditional with most Jewish weddings, the sun has set & the time is upon you. As you begin your journey down the aisle to your Chuppah & your Groom, Broadway is discreetly there, capturing every tear from your parents, & most importantly, your Groom. Your ceremony will be meticulously preserved on your DVD, & as you sit & watch with your now husband, those memories will come flooding back all over again.

As the glass is broken, & you walk back down the aisle for the first time as husband & wife, a flood of exciting emotions come over you. As you exit, your family & friends will soon follow with loving hugs, kisses, & well wishes & of course, MAZEL TOV! This is such an energetic time! At Broadway, we are intent on capturing these emotional moments for you, as many others miss this important time. To us, this is a critical time to have on your DVD, as you watch your faces beaming with happiness in the moments after uniting.

Cocktail hour is a little more of a casual time for most Jewish weddings. Mingling around, talking with guests, congratulation wishes as you enjoy your first tidbit of food & drink following your beautiful wedding ceremony. All of this laid out for you on your Broadway DVD with elegance & ambiance.

Finally, it’s time to party, & Broadway captures it all. As you enter the room for the first time as husband & wife, & enjoy your first dance together, we’ll not only be concentrating on you, but also on your parents, family, & guests. As your first dance fades, the energy in the room will quickly rise as the band plays the first notes for your traditional Hora. As everyone begins to join, & chairs are lifted, you will be in the moment with such electricity, & Broadway is in the center of it all, making sure no moment is left behind.

Dinner, dancing, cake cutting, parent dances, & speeches & toasts. These are just a few of the “traditional” parts of your reception that are preserved with great attention to detail in every moment for you on your Broadway DVD. We’ll even make sure, if you have one, that your Mezinka is carefully captured so you’ll have such a wonderful part of your wedding day on your DVD.

Years down the road, you’ll be so thankful to have your Broadway Video for generations to come.

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