Wedding video Styles Miami

Wedding video Styles MiamiWedding video Styles Miami

Documentary Style Production
For many years, wedding productions have documented virtually all of the wedding day.  Often from ninety minutes to two hours in length, so-called “Documentary” wedding productions faithfully record every moment of the wedding, from the first bridesmaid as she starts down the aisle to the last guest leaving the church. At the reception, in addition to such traditional events as the first dances, the toasts, and cake cutting, a great deal of the dancing is recorded and made a part of the finished tape. This approach is perfect for today’s cost conscious Brides.

Artistic Style Production
A contemporary design that is setting new standards for high quality wedding coverage around the country.  It’s style and substance are both captivating and unpredictable.  It’s a seamless collage of emotions that’s an artistic interpretation of the most meaningful and romantic moments from your wedding experience.

Recently, brides have become enthusiastic about shorter, polished, wedding movies, that are perhaps 20 minutes to 30 minutes in length. The focus of these “Artistic” productions is the emotional content of the wedding day. The exchange of vows and rings is shown in its entirety, but choral interludes, responsive readings and lengthy pastoral commentary Is reduced to its essence.  At the reception, the focus of the Artistic production is more on the emotion than on the documentation.

Producers working on the Artistic production emphasize those special moments which are the signature of the wedding day.  Your DVD will be engaging and easy and enjoyable for everyone to watch.

Storyteller Style Production
Storyteller Wedding Movie Experience is an innovative breakthrough in the evolution of wedding production. This specialized storytelling biography is a complete multi-dimensional story, often filled with contrasts of tears and laughter.  We’re not there just to record was there.  We’re there to tell your story.  We look for the inner emotional stories.  Those offbeat moments that with time, mature into priceless memories.  Our success stems from simply allowing you to be yourself. A true reflection of your personal wedding experience, told in your words.

The storyteller production features conversations with the Bride & Groom and immediate family members.  We create a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to freely talk comfortably, reliving those intimate and special moments. With several distinctly different production styles to choose from, your production will be uniquely yours.