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Wedding Stories and Concept Productions:
With so many different options to choose from,
Broadway can also create and produce a fabulous pre or post-wedding production.
These are just a few of the exciting additions we offer. Additional services are also available on our website.
Love Talk, telling your love story is one of the most fun and exciting times you can have while you plan your wedding.
This pre-wedding segment glances into how you met and became engaged,how you feel about one another, and your wishes for your future.
Broadway turns this into an extraordinary visual experience.
Whether it’s simply walking in the park, or strolling around downtown, your love story comes alive.

Projection Screen Presentations
Looking for a way to add impact to your reception? Let us project your love story during dinner, or perhaps immediately before you enter the room.
Imagine, we’re at the beginning of the reception…the bridal party is announced into the room, everyone expects the newlyweds.
Next…the lights darken. Suddenly, showing on a projection screen, everyone hears you both talk about each other…your love…
your funny times, and the moment you said “YES!”. As you walk together into the sunset…and everyone is very emotional, you enter the room…
and have one dynamite way to start your party!

During the course of the night, your big screen will play an active role in th ambiance of your décor. From family photo montages,
to elegantly displayed personalized wedding designs,to classical artistic expressions.
Reflections This segment is produced after your wedding day.
Exquisitely documented, we’ll sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk with you to recap your feelings and memories of your wedding day.

We relive your day by showing “flash-backs” to those priceless moments of your day.Miami destination weddings videos

Only in this way can you are really receive the most personalized and special remembrance that can be produced.
Imagine telling your wedding story, embellished through beautiful and artistic video.
This package isn’t for everyone. When you are really ready for something different and unique,
you owe it to yourself to preserve these special moments in time.