How to shop Wedding Films!

What Makes Wedding Films Cost $500 Or $5000?What Makes Wedding Films Cost $500 Or $5000?

Most of us are familiar with the old adage “time is money”.  When you think of time in relation to your video,     there are two types of time; shooting time and production time. Shooting time is the number of hours and  number of camera men used in filming your wedding video. Obviously, ten hours will be more costly than   six hours, and three videographers will cost more than one.

Another type of time you pay for is production time. This includes all of the time spent editing your video,   adding music, graphics, special effects, etc.  It is also the biggest variable in the quality and style of your video.  Generally, the more production time invested in your video, the more polished and more expensive it is.   Incorporated into these time costs are all of the professional equipment and supply costs that Broadwa incurs in creating your video.

In addition to time, talent is the other major factor you are paying for.  This is not as tangible and measurable  as time, but can sometimes be the major factor in determining the cost of your video. Creating a finished production that tells a love story is quite an art, and it will likely be reflected in the price.

Remember, this is your once in a lifetime day, so select a package, price, and style that you will be pleased with many years down the road. Whether $500 or $5000, your Broadway video will likely become the most treasured keepsake from your wedding day.

Congratulations On Your Engagement!
Welcome to one of the most exciting times in your life! Much like the marriage celebration itself, wedding films have evolved over the years.
Long gone are the lackluster two hour films with cheesy shots of boring moments. Today’s wedding DVD’s are our most valuable keepsakes.
Today’s wedding films capture not just your wedding, but the love of family & friends, the sounds of joy and laughter, and all the love of your wedding day.

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Today’s technologies allow you to experience your wedding film in a unique and exciting way. With all of  the  new personal devices like Ipads, mobile device, smart phone, and personal computers You’ll enjoy reliving your wedding day vows and reception with all the emotion, laughter, and tears…its just a simple click away.

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